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Car Polish for Exterior-GETSUN

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Made From No.1 Grade Wax Beads Water Up to 12 Months Restores Auto Point Finishes to Look New Removes Scratches and Dirt From Car's Body Safe for Clear Coat Finishes

৳ 250


This Getsun car polish can remove the dirt on the car body and prevent the car paint from oxidizing and fading or discolor, providing the car paint with excellent gloss. Once remakes make the paintwork keep the state of high gloss, and effect of deep moisture, brightness, and long lasting protection for paintwork. Suitable for the polish and protection for paintwork which cars are middle to high class, and the care for old cars after renovation.
Removing stains, restore luster, with UV protection, the product has the function of polishing, can remove the stubborn dirt on the paint surface thoroughly and instantly and form a flexible protective film to prevent the car paint from water, static, oxidation and UV rays as to maintain the shining luster of car paint.

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