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Color : Off White And Beige                                                                                                                                              Material: PVC Leather Long durability It is water proof, environment friendly, no bad smell Very easy setup and easily washable Drive Safe with an Anti-slip Mat Under Your Feet

৳ 10,000

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Fit for Your Car: Each individual car for each car mat. This deluxe car mat is designed with a cutting-edge 5D technology that guarantees perfect fit and protection for your car!
Drive Safe with an Anti-slip Mat Under Your Feet: With an anti-skid and anti-slide base, the Luxe mat is truly the perfect car mat to ensure a smooth ride every time!
100% Water and Dirt-proof: This unique, customized floor mat will protect your favorite car by keeping away mud, sand, liquids, grease and dust!
Eco-friendly, Deluxe and Durable: We want the best ride for you, so we’ve come up with a customized mat that is made from the toughest, lightweight, flexible, soft and eco-friendly materials!
The Last Car Mat You’re Going to Buy: This car mat’s quality is simply peerless. Just wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s as good as new.

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